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Stair Refinishing


Although you may be considering installing hardwood floors throughout your home or commercial property, you will also want to consider a smooth transition between different levels of your home and property, which can be achieved by refinishing the stairs. If you have existing hardwood floors, your stairs are already likely completed with hardwood and then must simply be refinished in order to look as modern and new as the rest of your floors. As the Richmond hardwood floors pros, our team has experience in successfully refinishing any stairs or staircases.


Stair Leveling

Many times, older sets of stairs and staircases can become unleveled as the wood begins to deteriorate or rot away. This can leave behind some stairs fully intact, while others have ridges, broken edges, or are creaky. Our stair refinishing services are designed to help not only revitalize the stairs but also to level them out so that they're safe to walk on again and without fear of breaking or falling through. Stair leveling also means ensuring the stairs provide a smooth transition onto the different levels of the property.



To prep your stairs and restore them once more, we'll have to sand them down to remove any blemishes or obvious imperfections in the wood. Once completed, we can then repair or replace the broken pieces and re-stain them, so they match with the rest of your surrounding hardwood. Staining the stairs requires the same process as staining traditional hardwood floors, but the edges and ledges of the stairs mean that we'll take to take extra care to get the stain in the corners of the wood. Since we have experience in doing so, we're confident we can make your stairs better than ever.


Smooth Transition

The main purpose of refinishing stairs is to ensure a smooth and safe transition between the hardwood floors and the next level of the property. This smooth transition should ideally be done in both aesthetics and structure so that the stairs are safe to walk on and look great as well. Our team can assist with offering smooth transitions on both fronts and make it simple to have refinished stairs that look just as good as the floors. With the right techniques, you shouldn't even be able to tell that the stairs have been refinished.



Once your stairs have been refinished, you may want to consider different sealants, finishes, or protection mechanisms that help retain the appearance and structure of your stairs. Some clients opt for clear, plastic, or silicone mats that can be placed on the stairs to prevent scratching or scuffs, while others may simply choose a high-quality sealant that naturally deters the same types of damages. You can also mix materials and have carpet installed on top of your hardwood stairs, depending on your preferences. We recommend using the same finish and sealant on your stairs as you did on your hardwood floors so that the appearance is uniform from the floors to the stairs. We can also assist in adding stains or finishes to any banisters.

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