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Residential Hardwood Flooring


Residential hardwood flooring solutions are available to all of our homeowning clients who are looking for stunning hardwood floors to complement their interiors. Providing the best Richmond hardwood floor installations, we help residential clients regularly with hardwood flooring needs. If this is your first time installing hardwood flooring into your home, or you need some professional assistance with restoring your existing hardwood floors, our team is ready to offer you the attention and care that your floors need. Our residential hardwood flooring solutions are incredibly affordable and deliver beautiful results to enhance the interiors of any home.


Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring solutions typically until installing hardwood flooring that is treated and suitable for extensive foot traffic, can withstand moisture and can combat all types of stains. Since your kitchen is a place where you'll entertain, cook, and others will congregate, it's only natural that the floors will encounter food and drink debris and need to be protected. We can install fresh hardwood flooring for your kitchen that's sleek, pristine, and treated with the right finishes to deter stains, discoloration, fading, and make for easy cleanup. Hardwood floors for your kitchen can also be installed around kitchen islands, appliances, and cooking spaces.


Dining Room Flooring

Another area where you may consider installing hardwood floors is in your dining room. Adding hardwood flooring to your dining room is a great way to tie in hardwood floor to the rest of your home, while creating a welcoming and comforting environment that enhances your interior design. We assist with installing hardwood floors into your dining room and make it easier than ever to create sprawling surfaces that bring together your home's interior aesthetics. If your dining room juts away from the kitchen or is connected, you can also consider installing the same hardwood down the hall or entryway that connects and leads from one room to the other.


Removing Old Flooring

If you have existing floors that need to be removed before we can install new hardwood floors, our team will gladly remove the old materials. We can remove old hardwood floors, tear up carpet, get rid of vinyl, laminate, and even uproot ceramic tiles. We will safely dispose of these materials away from your home and prepare the space for new hardwood floors, safely installing them so they look clean and effortless, and as if you never had unwanted or unpleasant flooring there before!


Quality Assurance

All of our residential hardwood flooring services are backed by quality assurance measures that are carried out by our team of contractors to ensure that adequate installation steps have been taken when installing your hardwood floors. We check that all of the hardwood flooring boards have been securely placed into the floor in the entire surface is adequately treated with a finish and sealant to protect your hardwood flooring for longer. If you have questions or concerns about your hardwood floors after installation, give us a call and we would be happy to check on them again to ensure they meet our quality standards and you’re fully satisfied.

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