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Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Hardwood floor refinishing services are provided to those who are looking to revitalize the appearance of their hardwood floors. By refinishing your hardwood floors, you’re saving yourself the time and energy of stripping them completely, while also giving them a new start with a fresh look. Refinishing your hardwood floors is an efficient way to get stunning new floors that look great and operate as new. We offer professional hardwood flooring refinishing services to accommodate these needs.



The first and most important step to refinishing your hardwood floors is to give them good sanding. Sanding down the floors will remove any topcoats and sealants that are uneven or stuck to the surface of the floors. It'll also help remove any wood stains, stains from spills and liquids, and any other imperfections that are not wanted on the floors. After sanding the floors, we can then move on to any repairs, color staining, and topcoats that are needed to protect the wood for as long as possible and ensure that it looks stunning as well.



When refinishing your hardwood floors, you may require some minor repairs along the way, such as nailing in boards again, sanding out imperfections, repairing scratches, cracks, or damaged boards, or refitting new boards to replace the old ones. We will do our best to sand out any surface damages, but structural damages will be better repaired and add more comfort and strength to your floors as a whole. When we refinish your floors, our goal is to give your floors the best and most secure durability, so your floors can function as if they were new.



Staining your hardwood requires us to add a wood-safe stain to the top layer of the wood to alter its hue. Adding a stain to your wood doesn’t compromise the integrity of the wood but instead gives it a rich and full color that complements your home. You can choose from a variety of stain colors that fit your aesthetic needs and suit your home’s interior design. Once dried, the stain will then need to be locked in place with your desired finish. This will prevent the color from fading over time or changing due to prolonged use, spills, foot traffic, and much more.



As with wood stains, there are a handful of wood finishes to choose from as well. You can choose from a gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish, and this is applied to the surface of the wood to seal and lock it in place and prevent other liquid spills, stains, and make for longevity and easy cleaning. When your wood is not sealed with a finish, it can prematurely rot and succumb to damages quickly. To avoid this and the expensive maintenance and repairs that will likely follow, we recommend finishing your hardwood with your desired effect to protect it for longer. Our team can assist with staining, finishing, and sealing your wood for long-term results.

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