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Hardwood Floor Installation


Hardwood floor installations are provided by our team of trusted hardwood flooring professionals, who have extensive experience in the industry and are able to offer the highest standard of quality hardwood flooring available. We offer hardwood floor installations for both residential and commercial clients who need hardwood floors for all interior spaces and want to invest in beauty and quality. That’s what our team aims to do and can ensure you have magnificent floors you’ll be proud of!



Before installing any hardwood floors, it's important that the area has been adequately prepared. Failing to prepare an interior area for hardwood floors can lead to uneven floors, loose floorboards, and even rotting or moisture buildup underneath the floorboards. To avoid all of these potential issues, we prepare the space accordingly beforehand so that you have no issues down the line with your floors coming loose or failing to provide the comfort you expect and deserve. Preparing the space properly also means removing any old or deteriorating flooring that is no longer needed or could hinder the installation of new hardwood flooring.



Once the area has been prepared, we can then move onto installing the hardwood floors. After you've chosen your anticipated hardwood flooring material, we will order them in bulk before delivering them to your home and laying them on the floors. The boards may need to be cut to fit the area, and so every board fits securely in place when aligned with one another. The floorboards are then secured using nails and glue that hold them in place for longer. Once completed, we can then stain the wood and finish it with your chosen topcoat.



After the hardwood has been installed, stained, and finished, we’ll then check to make sure it is all level, even if you have multilevel interior spaces. Throughout the entire installation process, leveling checks are conducted to make sure the floorboards are even. Any uneven layers are quickly removed so the floorboards you do walk on are not crooked, slanted, or could potentially break from uneven pressure. If your hardwood floorboards succumb to damages in the future due to improper levels, we’ll assist in repairing those damaged floorboards accordingly.



As with all of our professional hardwood floor services, we always aim to offer unbeatable security and comfort with your projects. We know it can seem daunting to try and install hardwood floors on your own, choose the right hardwood, or simply determine if hardwood is right for you. Our team works with you every step of the way to detail the process of installing hardwood floors, helping you choose the right material, and picking out floors that are within your budget that you’ll love. We can also help you customize your floors with hardwood stains, repair any scratches or damages in the hardwood floors, and provide professional cleaning solutions and tips to help you make the most of your floors for as long as possible. 

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