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Hardwood Floor Cleaning


In order to keep your hardwood floors looking as best as they possibly can, you’ll need to be sure you clean them from time to time. Hardwood, however, requires more sophisticated cleaning methods than simply using store-bought cleaners, as some of these can even damage and dampen the appearance of your hardwood floors. Here at Richmond Hardwood Floors, we provide professional hardwood floor cleaning solutions to accommodate your flooring and maintain it with top precision and care. That’s our promise to you when you enlist our services to clean your floors!


Stain Removal

Although hardwood doesn’t always retain stains, any hardwood that has a deteriorating finish can be exposed to liquids and later retain the stained color. This can lead to significant discoloration in your floor panels. To remove stains, we attempt to wipe them away or sand them out, before then re-staining your wood and adding a fresh finish. This will help blend in the repairs and ensure that the colors are the same across your wood boards. We recommend having your floors cleaned regularly to remove any liquid spills that could result in stains, when left for too long uncleaned on your hardwood floors.


Chips and Scratches

Chips and scratches are common among hardwood flooring simply because hardwood flooring can still be damaged with extensive force. For example, even if your hardwood floors are finished, moving chairs or tables across the surface can leave behind light indentations or penetrate the finish. Heavier force can crack or chip the wood panels and leave behind unsightly imperfections and even cause dangerous splinters. Our team can help rid your hardwood floor of these damages. We can usually sand out most chips and scratches, and can reduce the appearance of any dents or marks that are present on the floorboards’ surface.


Damaged Boards

As mentioned before, when your wood becomes exposed to the elements, either UV rays or moisture, it can then begin to deteriorate at a rapid rate. Wood is known to rot over time and when the finish on the wood fades away, the quality of your hardwood can go with it and leave behind damaged boards. If your boards are damaged, our team is ready to assist with cleaning and revitalizing the boards and adding a new seal to them that secures their quality and beauty in place, while also protecting them further.



Along with cleaning your hardwood floors, repairing any minor damages, and buffing out the obvious ones, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your floors retain maximum beauty and comfort for as long as possible. We provide thorough cleaning solutions for your floors and can even offer basic cleaning services that get your floors clean and without the extra fuss. We want to ensure the appearance of your floors is to the highest standard so the hardwood can continue to look fantastic for many years to come. We’ll leave your floors with a glossy, shiny, and clean finish that’s polished and sleek as well.

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